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The Threat After the Storm

Updated: Jan 8

There isn't always sun right after the storm. Its been a few weeks since Hurricane Dorian. In the wake of Hurricane Dorian's landfall on the Abaco Islands has resulted in some of the worst destruction by a natural disaster to impact the Bahamas. 

But while physical destruction is the most obvious initial blow to the island, illness, injury, and death are the aftershocks of current concern. As of Sunday, September 28th, there were about 56 reported deaths, while 600 are still missing.

So what made this hurricane so bad? Initially, the debris swept around by the lethal current caused significant injuries and casualties. Following the hurricane, it took over 48 hours to get any relief into the island. As humanitarian support make their way onto and throughout the island, the need continues to be staggering. 

For the survivors still remaining on the island, theres no running water, no power, and no medicine.  In a statement by the Bahamian  health minister claims, he "expect[s] the number [of deaths] to climb dramatically".

Theres so much devastation that came with the hurricane, but even after the storm passed, theres so much left to be rebuilt. This is truly a major public health crisis. But you can help! There are several organizations that you can donate too! These include:

  • The Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund

  • The American Red Cross

  • The Salvation Army 

  • Mercy Corps

Remember, even as media coverage dies down, theres still so much need. Every bit counts!

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Connect with me via email or instagram @YourHealthcareScoop 

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