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Minority Health Month

April is Minority Health Month!

This month's recognition began with Dr. Booker T. Washington's National Negro Health Week. He wanted everyone to understand that "Without health and long life, all else fails."

This vision has evolved

A few of my favorite organizations that have dedicated themselves to minority health include...​

Its no secret that there are major health disparities in minority populations. Health disparities are defined by the CDC as, "differences in health outcomes and their causes among groups of people". African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, American Indians and Alaska Native Americans, and Pacific Americans have some of the worst health outcomes nationally.

You may also notice that these same groups of people have dealt with with some sort of discrimination and disenfranchisement in American History.

A rough American history as such, has led to issues with access, and in turn poor health maintenance and outcomes. This month, organizations are holding conferences and events all over the nation to spread awareness on inequities in minority health. The changes that we need to see in minority health will come from federal and state policies, and organizations partnering with minority communities to bridge the gap in healthcare between races. So come on my minority health warriors! Lets get politically aware and get out there to support health for all!

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