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Celebrating Black History in Public Health #1

Our first change agent from the black community is James Hildreth, M.D.

Hildreth obtained a degree in chemistry from Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude, as the first African American Rhodes Scholar from Arkansas. Following graduation, he received his PhD in immunology from Oxford, becoming an expert in monoclonal antibody technology. Upon completion of his PhD he went on to attend medical school at John Hopkins University in addition to a fellowship in pharmacology.

In 2005 he became director for the center of AIDS Health Disparities Research (funded by the NIH). His research in AIDS is actually what he is most well known for and what puts him on this list of incredible African American minds to be celebrated.

This man not only discovered a protein that is basically the main ingredient for a treatment of Psoriasis, but he is also currently working on research to prevent that vaginal microbicide (spray/cream for down there👇🏾....) that could literally block the transmission of HIV!!!

AND not only is this man a pioneer in AIDS research, but he has also taken on the task of engaging the corner stone of the black community in the fight against AIDS...the Church (now we know that isn't easy). Shout out to this man for his contributions to medicine and public health in order to make a difference in the black community.

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