Your Healthcare Scoop

 Hey guys! My name is Sydney Cooper. I got my start in healthcare at THE Howard University, studying healthcare administration. It was there that I developed a passion for the health of people of color. I became aware of the multitude of factors that affect minorities in and outside of the hospital setting.

After going to an HBCU for 4 years, (where every conversation was centered around people of color) I transitioned to an environment with a completely different demographic. I went from the Mecca for people of color, to being one of only a few women of color in my Masters program. With each discussion, I couldn't help but apply the things I was learning to the black and brown community.There is so much going on in the U.S that impacts the health of people of color. The Healthcare Scoop is a blog covering my opinions and thoughts on various healthcare topics with the perspective of color. I'm excited to share these thoughts with you all through The Healthcare Scoop. Enjoy!




Sani Sacs

A team of several BU School of Public Health Students and I received a grant from Santander Bank, which we used to purchase and collect sanitation supplies for Boston's chronically homeless.


Summer Practicum

The summer of 2018, I worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts on various projects to increase access to healthcare services for account members.


ILE Case Competition Winners

My teammates and I came up with solutions to high ED utilization within Baltimore's Bon Secours Health System.